Intelligent Automation (IA) = Process Automation + AI

Most decisions should be automated with AI

Knowledge work is a highly valuable resource. Most companies hardly use the potential of knowledge work. Automation of unproductive tasks enables knowledge workers to use their time more productively.

Dr. Ilja Radlgruber, MBA

Intelligent Automation is the next level of digital transformation

Basically every process you perform with a keyboard & mouse can be automated. Regardless of whether you create, distribute or applicate knowledge. To find out how IA can ad value, you must first understand the nature of your knowledge work.

4 Types of knowledge work
  • Transaction work
  • Integration Work
  • Expert work

  • Collaboration work

How does Pantaflow deliver value with IA?

Opportunity assessment

In a workshop we identify which of your business process can be successfully automated.

Prototype development

After short iterations, a first leaner prototype is developed to automate your business process.

Process discovery

A software solution will fully display all details of your identified business processes.

Product imeplementation

Together with our technology partners we develop a fully automated and long term functional solution.

Leverage the power of
Intelligent Automation for your business